R & D teamProfessional R&D team

The R&D team has deep AI & AOI intelligent machine vision software technology R&D and system integration capabilities. The proportion of masters in the R&D team is as high as 80%, with rich practical experience and can provide customers with complete solutions.

Excellent core technologyExcellent Core Technology

Yueyang Intelligent Control has comprehensive and high-quality AOI professional capabilities: artificial intelligence, optical machine design, image recognition, electromechanical integration, IoT, and big data.

Project managementEfficient project management

Five steps for project execution:Start planning carried out control Closed cases are managed and properly posted! The project team will meet regularly for review from the moment the case is accepted; meet with manufacturers from time to time to find solutions that better meet customer expectations, only to provide customers with shorter time-consuming and high-quality products under the same budget Better results.

After serviceIntimate after-sales service

After the delivery and acceptance are completed, we will still serve customers at any time. As long as a phone call or email, we will try our best to solve any product problems for you.